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'We Learned a Lot from Fidel': Supporters Defend Castro's Legacy

As Cubans mourn for nine days following the death of Fidel Castro, many of his former colleagues and comrades shared their thoughts on his passing.

Fidel Castro's divisive legacy is reflected in the guest list at his memorial

Fidel Castro was one of the world’s most polarizing figures, lionized by some as a principled defender of the poor and loathed by others as a repressive dictator. His divisive legacy can be seen in th...

Leftist Allies Arrive In Cuba For Rally To Remember Fidel Castro

Leaders of Cuba's leftist allies will join Raul Castro and others at a mass rally in Havana celebrating the late Fidel Castro. On Wednesday, his ashes begin their journey to Santiago de Cuba, the birt...

Obama won't send official delegation to Cuba for Fidel Castro's funeral

Decision represents compromise to maintain US-Cuba thaw while downgrading status to satisfy critics who argue Obama has not properly held Cuba to accountThe White House has announced that it will not...

2nd day of homage to Fidel Castro to end with mammoth rally

Schools and government offices are closed for a second day of homage to Fidel Castro, with the day set to end in a rally on the wide plaza where the Cuban leader delivered fiery speeches to mammoth cr...

'The dark era is over. I can see the light': Cuban Americans on Fidel Castro's death | Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh

While some lined the streets of Miami to celebrate the death of the former Cuban leader, others have mixed feelings. They share their viewsThe streets of Miami, Florida, were full last weekend as crow...

The 'shadow' has been lifted: Miami's Cubans look to a post-Castro future

"It means everything, because Fidel Castro was the essence, the icon that held that revolution together."

Fidel Castro, the man who couldn't be killed - at least not by the CIA

There is a safe somewhere in the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., that very likely contains a sort of tribute to Fidel Castro. It’s a Cohiba, the cigar favored by the Cuban...

As Castro Is Mourned, There's Hope His Death Will Give Way To Change

In Havana, thousands of mourners will spend another day paying tribute to Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro. With his death, Cubans are wondering if change on the Caribbean island will accelerate.

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